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Find your perfect sewing machine at the Sewing Mill
From the casual sewist to the seasoned seamstress, there's a sewing machine for every maker. Discover Janome's exciting range of sewing machines designed with an array of intuitive features to suit every budget and skill level.

Quilting machines

You've devoted yourself to patchwork quilts. Let Janome's quilting machines take your creations to new heights with superior feed systems and dedicated quilting features.

Embroidery machines

The world of Janome professional-style embroidery brings amazing tools to your creative talents. Each Janome embroidery model has a patented built-in embroidery unit, eliminating the need for bulky embroidery attachments - a Janome exclusive!


Take your fashion creations from amateur to professional with Janome's overlockers. Choose from our basic MyLock models, to our 1200D overlocker and coverstitch machine for finishing edges and hems professionally.

Janome repairs and servicing

The Sewing Mill has been servicing and repairing Janome sewing machines for 50 years. Keep your Janome sewing machine in great condition by servicing it regularly with our trusted team. 


Explore our huge range of presser feet, bobbins, needles, hoops and more! Sew with confidence knowing that there is a right tool to meet your needs for every application.


View Janome sewing machines here


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